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The splendid engineering plastics limited company is located the Zhejiang Province Changshan County ecology industry garden area, south meets Hang Jinqu the highway, north the neighbour 320 federal highways, are apart from the Chu chou airport only 30 kilometers. The geographical environment is superior, the transportation extremely facilitates.

The company specialized is engaged in by the ABS primarily each kind of synthetic resin coloration and the modified processing, and introduces South Korean the advanced technology and the formula and selects the high performance raw material manufacture high quality product. The product includes: Titan white ABS, modified PP, anti- burn ABS anti-, burns HIPS anti-, burns PP, the PC/ABS alloy and so on.

The company uses now the most advanced double screw rod to squeeze out the unit and the supporting facility, the total productivity amounts to for 5,000 tons/years. The company laboratory has each kind of advanced instrumentation, the test equipment as well as the computer automatically matches colors the system, matches colors in the resin with the modified processing in the independent development, strives for perfection, for the domestic and foreign multitudinous well-known automobiles, the small electrical appliances, the office equipment and the domestic electric appliances manufacturer has provided the high quality synthetic resin raw material, receives the general customers the high praise.

Company's objective is uses advanced technical and the modern science management management, the good faith management, the user is supreme; Take the high quality product, the reasonable price and the prompt thorough service as a criterion. We for meet the synthetic resin need, the enhancement domestic synthetic resin coloration and the modified technology which the domestic and foreign markets grows day by day but are unceasingly enterprising. We hoped sincerely cooperates with you, altogether will create the glorious future.